Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Plan, Patience, & Prayers (An update from Ryan)

Hello friends and family. We can’t thank you enough for your continued prayers! We truly do feel lifted up by our brothers and sisters, and somewhat strong through a circumstance that is draining in many aspects. Kenzie had her catheterization on Wednesday and there were both pros and cons that were taken away. The reason for going in was both diagnostic and also hopefully looking to treat the ductus arteriosis (a duct/opening that we are all born with but closes within 24-48 hours after birth). Even though they weren’t able to treat her during the cath procedure, the good news is that we know exactly how her heart responds to the situation and the ductus needs to remain open as it stands, and that surgery is the best route for her.
We haven’t met with the surgeon yet but plan to tomorrow. Others on his team have informed us that Kenzie is tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday the 11th in the morning. One of two surgeries will take place. First, they may try to repair the tricuspid valve if at all possible. This is the preferred route but probably the more difficult of the two. The second will be inserting a shunt, while closing the tricuspid valve completely, turning Kenzie’s heart into a 3 chamber heart instead of a 4 chamber heart. Which path they choose will be a game-time decision once the surgeon is able to see everything with his own two eyes.
Based on Kenzie’s heart condition we sort of knew that she would require surgery. But after spending the last few weeks with this little one, we love her so much and our hearts and prayers flow constantly for God’s healing. We trust God completely— knowing that He is all-powerful and in complete control, perfectly capable of healing her. We appreciate your continued prayers for God’s healing, but ultimately that His will be done! We know that this little girl has a great purpose in life, as do we, as do you, and God wants to use all of this to minister to those who are struggling in their faith or don’t believe in God at all. Our LifeGroup bought us a care package which included a book we read to Kenzie each night called “Bedtime Prayers.” In this book one of the chapters starts by quoting Jeremiah 1:5 in a kid version saying “I chose you. Before you were born, I set your apart for a special work.”
Kenzie has changed our lives and to God be the glory! We pray that her life (a long life on this earth) is the path He chooses to receive that glory, but His will be done! Despite the circumstances, we serve a good, gracious, loving God and we appreciate each of you acting as advocates for lifting up our sweet little girl in prayer to Him! We feel God’s love through your prayers, support, and encouragement! For that WE ARE BLESSED!
Love you all!

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  1. Thanks for the update Ryan, I'm sure all of your time is between Kenzie and then exhausted by the evening. We are constantly praying for Kenzie, and I will remember Jeremiah 1:5 while we pray for your specific requests.